Chapter Secrets – Chapter 933 in-depth analysis

I’ve been loving the chapters for the past few weeks: with a focus on the scene of the banquet as well as all the little inspirations from Japanese culture, it’s been a pleasure to analyze them! I hope you enjoy these analysis just as much!

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  1. In the last page Big Mom says “Mamamama” which means she still holds some memories of her old and mature self, i hope she revert back personally.


      • Yea, you could also atribute it to a sort of muscle memory, just because she laughs “Mamamama”, doesn’t mean she knows why, it’s very possible that she just does so out of instinct.


  2. Never left a comment on here before, but I love the work.

    Since you touched upon a theory about Big Mom’s amnesia/memory loss being related to Caramel, I noticed it lined up somewhat with a theory on the subreddit by u/TickTockCroc which I’ll drop a link for here (

    Whichever is right, there’s definitely something more than just simple memory loss at play here, and I’m really enjoying what Oda’s doing with Big Mom, especially the fluffy relationship she’s having with Chopper.


  3. wow, reading your theory about Linlin x Carmel makes me remember again that there’s something wrong with her devil fruit power. because she’s not directly eating the fruit, only by ‘eating’ the previous user which is not a a valid way to obtain the power. and this ‘amnesia’ thing might be just a small prelude to a bigger revelation.
    I still don’t quite understand how soul-soul fruit really works. or the true power behind it. but my theory is, Carmel is still alive. at least in the form of Soul which currently reside on Linlin’s body. perhaps in the past, Carmel knew she’s about to be eaten. in matter of seconds, she could use her ultimate technique to infuse her soul into Linlin’s. making it as Linlin’s new subconsciousness which later will eventually create a new persona, an ambitious and cruel persona, Big Mom.
    if this is true, then Linlin’s power is really unique. because that power is not hers. but from the Carmel’s soul. while this can be confusing, but it could become convenient. making her weak by tossing her into sea or using seastone against her will not just stripping her devil fruit power but also her personality as well ^_^

    anyway, making her as ally to invade Udon Prison is interesting but could become troublesome. her hatred towards Luffy might cure her amnesia when she finally meet him again… >_<


  4. The last part about Big mom and Carmel, Does it explain why this not happening to Black beard when he “Eats/Do” something to White Beard to take his DF…
    if we assume that in the world of one piece eating someone will merge the 2 souls together leading to change in personalty, will eating only parts or specific part of body will merge you with DF power only without the soul?
    OR thats mean Black beard never ate anything from White beard to get his DF, BUT uses his yami-yami-no-mi to extract the Gura-Gura-no-mi from White beard and because of his body he can survive tow DF’s Demons..


  5. The fights are getting offscreened,wonder why? what happened to Sanji, Robin, Brook and Nami?
    next morning……..
    maybe next time we get to see that most of the straw hats are captured, BIG SURPRISE………One Piece will be on break next week.


  6. Billion Dollar question, how on earth can Zues remember who Nami is, he suppose to be in the same position as Napoleon. You know since their both part of Big Moms soul. does´nt make any sense?
    If Big Mom has amesia then should´nt Zeus, Napoleon and Prometheus lose their memories as well?


  7. So, Linlin’s going to be an ally til the big war? I hope shell’ll take on the bigshots and not just being used to plow on the fodders to make way for luffy and co.


  8. Big Mom is a Vegapunk experiment. What do you think inspired CC to do that stuff to children? Since mother carmel is inside linlin I wouldn’t be surprised if she influences Big Mom’s behavior, but you would have to expel Carmel from linlin to return linlin to her good old self. I think the sea water has weaken Carmel’s hold on O-Lin, but eventually he will return.


  9. I agree with your theory the Big Mom’s soul is Mother Carmel. Perhaps the reason why Big Mom have Mother Carmel picture is to remember herself who she is.


  10. After re-reading this chapter and watching the Whole Cake Island arc, I really think Mother Carmel has some control over Linlin and takes over when she’s in her Big Mom persona. This “amnesia” state reverted her back to being Linlin. And as we know she regained her memories and formed an alliance with Kaido, so Mother Carmel is in control again as Big Mom.


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