New Information on the Dragons of One Piece – Magazine Vol. 5

With the 5th volume of the magazine, alongside the Charlottes and a few other things, came a very fascinating article talking about the “dragons” of the One Piece world and teasing about a few things for the upcoming future.

The translation was done almost entirely by EtenBoby (I only translated the titles of each paragraph and added notes), so since I can’t confirm everything directly, please take it with at least a grain of salt, as is with these sorts of articles, stuff could always be lost or misinterpreted in translation.

Anyways, here you go! I kept it in the style of the original article, so please read from right to left:

the dragons of the one piece world

On a much smaller note, the magazine also revealed two new sizes for a couple characters, so I thought I’d mention them as well:

  • Dorry: 22.60m (this makes Brogy somewhere around 22m as well)
  • Mansherry: 0.20m

If there’s any more little information like this I’ll be sure to add it later.




  1. I’d like to know what name the Tenryubito gave the dragon of Punk Hazard. Maybe we’ll find out in a vivre card pack.


  2. Hello.. how about Robin really have type haki ?.. She had been training with Luffy’s father or sabo on Baltigo then she would become stronger her devil fruit and complete type haki from luffy’s father or sabo


  3. Why are celestial dragons up to artificial dragon type devil fruits? Why could they?
    Maybe because celestial *Dragons* want to be real *Dragons*?


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