Everything you Need to Know Before Wano’s Second Act

Originally, I was hoping to make a “Everything you need to know before the Wano Arc”, essentially a big summary of all the important things to know about the arc before starting it, just like I did with other arcs. However, with Wano coming out of nowhere during the Reverie, that wasn’t really possible and the idea went down the drain.

The past few chapters have already explained a lot of mysteries, but there are a few that haven’t quite been addressed yet, so with the first act over, I thought I’d go over them again, as well as give a short refresher on all the important information we’ve learned so far, which will hopefully give you a better grasp at the current arc:

Wano Act 1Wano Act 2Wano Act 3Wano Act 4Wano Act 5Wano Act 6Wano Act 7

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  1. I’m not sure there is a Mink mole. From what I can tell, none of the people we saw from Zou have the selfish streak to betray their own homeland. Since Neko and Inu were at Wano decades ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if either of them lost a fingernail just before they escaped, which the Beasts Pirates used to make a Vivre Card to their present whereabouts. I don’t know, I just don’t want Milky, Wanda, or Tristan among other Minks to turn on their people.


  2. Nice. I’m hyped. By the way, why nobody points out that the palace on top of the tree in Wano looks exactly like an elephant with a city in its back? Connecting that plus Momo commanding Zunisha is child’s play.


  3. I like it, although one point that’s still in the air, is that Shutenmaru is not confirmed to be Ashura Doji, as now that the official translation is out, Shutenmaru is actually referred to as Boy Ashura, so the theory of him being Ashura Doji’s son is still plausible. I don’t personally believe it, but it’s still a possibility


    • @Bloodkills: Ashura Doji and Boy Ashura are the same thing. “Doji”/”Douji” translates to “boy” or “kid”. Shutenmaru is Ashura Doji/Boy Ashura. The Boy Ashura translation is just a more literal translation by them.


    • HE called him boy ashura maybe because of the fact that 20 years ago shutenmaru was relatively young compared to kinemon


  4. Does anyone feels that there is something more to “Dawn”, in Toki’s prophecy than the usual meaning? Romance Dawn was the very first name of the series, and Daw is the name of Luffy’s childhood, and maybe it is connected to the “D” legend?


  5. Just like teking101 referenced in one of the last chapters reviews, it’s possible that the straw hat fleet will be on their way to wano.
    Since they have luffy’s vivre card, and luffy was almost dead after being knocked out by kaidou, his vivre card would react in the same way ace’s vivre card reacted when he was at impel down.


  6. i don’t think there is a mole in mink. i think it was raizo’s vivre card. so jack is so sure there is raizou despite everyone says there isn’t


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