Vivre Card Databook – Vol. 3 (all the new information!)

With the second set of booster packs out, let’s take a look at all the new information!

Vivre Card Databook 3-1Vivre Card Databook 3-2Vivre Card Databook 3-3Vivre Card Databook 3-4Vivre Card Databook 3-5Vivre Card Databook 3-6Vivre Card Databook 3-7Vivre Card Databook 3-8Vivre Card Databook 3-9Vivre Card Databook 3-10Vivre Card Databook 3-11Vivre Card Databook Fake Straw Hats

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    • In chapter 595, it says feets of Sanjuan Wolf are touching the sea floor. It’s like he is walking on the sea floor. But you are right, it doesnt make much sense as if the sea floor doesnt ever pass over the hight of Sanjuan Wolf.


  1. Does it explicitly say Auger and Doc Q are not among the Ten Titanic Captains, or are they simply not mentioned?

    (First time commenting btw, hope my name isn’t taken)


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