Vivre Card Databook – Vol. 2 (all the new information!)

The first set of booster packs for the Vivre Card Databook, including the Sabaody Arc Pack and the Syrup Village + Baratie Arcs Pack, finally came out! Let’s take a look at what’s new to be found in here!

Vivre Card Databook 2-1Vivre Card Databook 2-2Vivre Card Databook 2-3Vivre Card Databook 2-4Vivre Card Databook 2-5Vivre Card Databook 2-6Vivre Card Databook 2-7Vivre Card Databook 2-8Vivre Card Databook 2-9

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  1. I wonder if the EX vivre card in the Worst Generation booster pack has a wrong numbering or if it is intentional since its Vol. 1. I was kinda expecting Vol. 3 after the Starter is Vol.1 and Syrup was Vol.2


  2. Thank you for the summary! I have a question maybe you can sort things out about Mihawk. It stated in his card that he stands at the top and he is stronger then any swordsman. My question is, does that imply he has most skill in swordsmanship or he actually stronger by strength from all of them?


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