The Ultimate One Piece Timeline (Version 3.0)

The timeline was in need of a much needed update, given all the recent dates in the past 70 chapters or so. But not just that, the timeline was also in heavy need of some polishing, so I went and revised every single date and rewrote it all from scratch (a grueling process, but it was worth it). This one is much more correct than the last, I’ve even included sources to confirm all the dates.

I’ve also included the current days that take place over the current storyline. Yes, the pre-timeskip is only about three months long. There are some minor clock hours that might still be missing, but I’ll be sure to add them in the future. Also, I’m human after all, so there’s the possibility there could be a mistake or typo somewhere, despite proofreading everything several times. I swear I’ll try to keep it more updated constantly this time around!

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Millions of years ago:

– A planet is born: We know that One Piece takes place on a planet, though its origin is unknown

– The Age of Dinosaurs: Chapter 115, Vivi mentions “The Age of Dinosaurs”. She also mentions most of the dinosaurs having disappeared


– Circa -3500: The seed of the tree of knowledge is planted on Ohara: Chapter 392, Clover mentions the tree of knowledge being planted five thousand years ago


– Alubarna Palace is built in the Alabasta Kingdom: Chapter 188, a guard mentions that the Alubarna Palace was erected 4000 years ago

– The Great Kingdom is born on Raftel: while not officially confirmed, the architecture of both is identical, not to mention the Road Poneglyphs and other connections (though again, this isn’t confirmed, hence why “likely” is used)

– The Tontatta Era of Slavery: Chapter 726, Gancho talks about the era of slavery


– Year 402: The city of Shandora is going through a golden age: Chapter 261, Robin reads about the old city of Sandra on a monolith in Skypiea


– The mink race isolates itself from the world: Chapter 802, Law mentions that the minks have had almost no interaction with the outside world for around a thousand years

– Long Arm-Long Leg War: Chapter 884, The 1000 year long Long Arm-Long Leg war is brought up


– Void Century: Referenced across many points in the series, it’s the century from 900 to 800 years ago

– The city of Shandora is destroyed: Chapter 261, also mentioned on the monolith


– Riku I apologizes to the Tontatta: Chapter 261, it is mentioned King Riku I ascended to the thronen800 years ago


– Tequila Wolf: Chapter 524, one of the guards mentions that the bridge has been built for the past seven hundred years


– Oars terrorizes the world: Chapter 456, Hogback mentions Oars’s past


– Tree fever ravages the Lvneel Kingdom: Chapter 289, Noland mentions the tree fever ravaging his homeland sixty years before then, which is the year 1122

– Noland’s birth: We see Noland in 1124 as relatively young, so he was very likely born in the previous century


– Nola is born: We see in 1122 that Nola was just recently born


– Jarl and Jorl are born: Chapter 866, Jarl and Jorl are introduced alongside their ages


– Noland is given permission to enter the Grand Line: Chapter 287, Noland mentions having set sail two years ago

– June 21st, Noland leaves the country of Vira and finds a Waver: Chapter 228, Nami reads Noland’s journal


– Calgara assaults a group of pirates: Chapter 286, text box as well as journal mention this happening exactly 400 years before the current storyline

– May 21st Noland lands on Jaya: Chapter 287, text box confirms this as May 21st 1122

– May 22nd Noland proves to Calgara that gods don’t exist: Chapter 289, a day has passed

– May 31st Calgara shows Noland the city of gold : Chapter 290, Noland’s crewmates claim the sacrifice was 10 days ago

– June: Noland and the others cut down the sacred forest: Chapter 290, this has happened one month after landfall

– Noland arrives at Dressrossa: Chapter 713, Noland is said to have landed on Dressrosa and Green Bit

– Seto and Mousse get married: Chapter 292, Calgara mentions Seto and Mousse got married in that period


– Jaya is pushed towards the sky by the knock up stream: Chapter 292, it is mentioned it happened a year before Noland’s arrival

– Noland prepares to return to Jaya: Chapter 292, it is mentioned Noland departed five years after returning to Lvneel. Later in the chapter he confirms this was the same year he found Jaya

– November 16th: as mentioned by the text box


– Noland, back at the Lvneel Kingdom is executed: Chapter 292, Noland is executed, six years after having left Jaya


– The Germa Kingdom is founded: Chapter 871, Judge mentions the Germa Kingdom being 300 years old

– Year 1292 Aprox. A man is born in the Briss Kingdom: Chapter 219, Robin analyzes a skull, speculating it to belong to a man 30 years old that died around two hundred years ago


– Ryuuguu Kingdom joins the World Government: Chapter 620, Hatchan mentions this happening two hundred years ago

– The people of Dressrosa stop going to Green Bit: Chapter 705: A waiter from the Cafe Bar La Baltad mentions a pack of school fish moving in Green Bit around 200 years ago


– The St. Briss departs from the Kingdom of Briss: Chapter 219, Robin mentions the St. Briss departing 208 years ago. She also mentions them being stuck on a cloud for 200 years


– Dorry and Brogy are born: SBS Vol 19, their ages are revealed


– Carmel is born: Chapter 866, Carmel is said to be 80 years old by 1461


– Kureha is born: Chapter 134, Kureha mentions being 139 years old in 1522


– Flevance finds out about the toxicity of Amber Lead: Chapter 762, It was mentioned this happened around 100 years before the amber lead outbreak


– Dorry and Brogy begin their duel: Chapter 116, it’s mentioned the duel has gone on for over a hundred years

– The Kestia is said to be extinct: Chapter 139. Kureha mentions the Kestia having gone extinct for 100 years


– The Giant Warrior Pirates are saved by Carmel: Chapter 867, Carmel mentioned this happening 37 years ago, being a deal formed with the WG


– Brook is born: SBS vol 51, Brook’s age is revealed


– A certain granny is born on Dressrosa: SBS Vol 85, Oda mentions a certain granny that was born on Dressrosa 88 years ago


– Hajrudin is born: SBS Vol 83


– Sengoku, Garp, Rayleigh, Roger and Tsuru are born: all of these are mentioned in SBS Vol 82


– Whitebeard is born: Chapter 577, Whitebeard’s age is mentioned


– Crocus is born: Chapter 103: Crocus tells Zoro everything about him, including his age. Fun fact, there is a mistake here, Crocus claims to be Gemini, but his birthday is January 4th


– Lao G is born: SBS Vol 75


– Charlotte Linlin is born: SBS Vol 85


– Big Mom is abandoned on Elbaf: Chapter 865, this happened 63 years ago

– February: Chapter 866, she was abandoned 10 months before the winter solstice

– December: The winter solstice is mentioned, which is a fixed date


– January: shortly after the incident, Carmel relocates

– February 15th: Big Mom’s sixth birthday takes place: Blue Deep Databook, Big Mom’s birthday is revealed


– Jora is born: SBS Vol 75


– Borsalino is born: Volume 1000, his age is mentioned


– Mukkashimi Tower is born: SBS Vol 75, Mukkashimi Tower is introduced


– Sakazuki is born: Volume 1000


– Machvise is born: SBS Vol 75

– Oimo and Kashi are tricked by the WG to protect Enies Lobby: Chapter 384 50 years ago Oimo and Kashi were tricked. Big Mom’s flashback confirms this

– Rumbar Pirates find Laboon: Chapter 487, text box indicates it as 50 years ago from 1522


– Linlin is impregnated: Given that Perospero was born on March 14th, Linlin had to be impregnated the previous year


– Perospero is born: SBS Vol 88

– Gekko Moriah is born: SBS Vol 58

– Brook and everyone else dies: Chapter 487, three years after they meet Laboon, Brook’s soul returns to his body, in 1475. This is confirmed by the fact that Brook is still surprised to be a skeleton. We know it took a year for the soul to return, so they died the year prior, 1474. His soul takes a whole year to return to his body, as described to the Straw Hats during his introduction


– Trebol is born: SBS Vol 75

– Kuzan is born: Vol 1000

– Compote is born: We know that Perospero is 50 while the triplets are 48. Given that Big Mom gave birth once every year, Compote had to be born between the two, as no one else could’ve. Flampé also remarked that Katakuri had 38 younger sisters out of 39 Charlotte family daughters, confirming Compote is older than him

– Brook’s soul returns to his body: see above in 1474


– Katakuri, Daifuku and Oven are born: SBS Vol 87


– Kuma is born: SBS Vol 58

– Urouge is born: SBS Vol 68

– The Charlotte quintuplets are born. We know that between Katakuri (48) and Cracker (45) there had to be two births (47 and 46 respectively). One of them has to pertain to Opera and his siblings, while the other has to pertain to some daughters. This very likely pertains to Amande, who was shown to have at the very least one twin. While it is possible a 2nd daughter alone might’ve filled her place, it is unlikely, given how Brûlée, the 8th daughter, was shown to be not much younger than Katakuri. However, we do not know who was born first, Opera or Amande, so the two of them were born in 1477 and 1478 respectively or vice versa


– Jinbe is born: SBS Vol 58

– Señor Pink is born: SBS Vol 75

– Crocodile is born: SBS Vol 58 (the gender thing is just a tongue and cheek reference to Ivankov’s secret, which many believe to be Crocodile’s original gender)


– Cracker is born: SBS Vol 88

– Diamante is born: SBS Vol 75

– Maria Negikuma is born: SBS Vol 16


– Krieg is born: SBS Vol 84

– Kyros is born: SBS Vol 75


– Dracule Mihawk is born: SBS Vol 58


– Capone Bege is born: SBS Vol 68

– Shakky opens her bar: Chapter 498, Shakky mentions ceasing her pirate activities and opening a bar around 40 years ago

– Brook begins to go delirious: Chapter 488, we see Brook starting to lose it ten years after their departure from the twin capes

– Orange town is founded: Chapter 14, Boodle mentions the foundation of Orange Town 40 years ago

– Marilyn wins Miss Skypiea: SBS Vol 35

– Orlumbus is born: SBS Vol 83


– Spandam is born: SBS Vol 47

– Arlong is born: Chapter 621, Arlong’s age is finally revealed

– Vergo is born: SBS Vol 75

– Doflamingo is born: SBS Vol 58


– Iceburg is born: Chapter 353, Iceburg is said to be 16 in the year 1500

– Marshall D. Teach is born: SBS Vol 58

– Pica is born: SBS Vol 75

– Bell-mère is born: Chapter 77, Bell-mère reveals she was 30 at the age of her death

– Tomato Gang is born: SBS Vol 27


– Shanks is born: SBS Vol 4

– Rosinante is born: SBS Vol 77

– Buggy is born: SBS Vol 84


– Foxy is born: SBS Vol 84

– Hack is born: SBS Vol 77


– Jabra is born: SBS Vol 47

– Hiluluk’s research begins: Chapter 143, Hiluluk claims he’s been at it for 30 years


– Kumadori is born: SBS Vol 47

– Cutty Flam (Franky) is born: Chapter 353, Franky is said to be 13 in the year 1500, Oda later confirms this

– Smoker is born: SBS Vol 27


– Kuro is born: SBS Vol 84

– Smoothie, Citron and Cinnamon are born: SBS Vol 88, Smoothie’s age is revealed. While it’s not officially confirmed that they are triplets, the way they are introduced, the fact that they all have adjacent daughter numbers, the fact that they are all half-longlegs and that they stick together quite frequently makes it almost undoubtable that they are triplets

– Scarlet is born: SBS Vol 75


– Hina is born: SBS Vol 27


– Doflamingo’s flashback: Chapter 763, the flashback took place 33 years ago from 1524. Doflamingo also confirms in chapter 747 his mom died when he was 8, which is the same year

– Gladius is born: SBS Vol 75

– Diez (X) Drake is born: SBS Vol 68


– Blueno is born: SBS Vol 47

– Pedro is born: Chapter 878, Perospero asks Pedro how old he is

– Sakazuki and Borsalino join the marines: Mentioned in Vol 1000


– Doflamingo commits patricide: Chapter 747, Doflamingo mentions killing his father at the age of 10. He is denied return to Mariejois, so he forms the Donquixote Family

– Scratchmen Apoo is born: SBS Vol 68

– Fukuro is born: SBS Vol 47

– Boa Hancock is born: SBS Vol 58

– Basil Hawkins is born: SBS Vol 68


– Nico Robin is born: Chapter 218, Robin reveals her age

– Buffalo is born: SBS Vol 75

– Hody Jones is born: SBS Vol 67

– Rob Lucci is born: SBS Vol 47

– Monet is born: SBS Vol 75

– Kuzan joins the marines: Volume 1000

– Garp flattens Chinjao’s drill: Chapter 719, Chinjao mentions his grudge being 30 years old


– Viola is born: SBS Vol 75

– Wapol is born: SBS Vol 84

– Shyarly is born: SBS Vol 67

– Kyros loses his best friend to the army: Chapter 741, Kyros is 15 years old


– Gol D. Roger enters the Grand Line: Chapter 506, Rayleigh mentions Roger entered the Grad Line four years before his execution

– Penguin is born: SBS Vol 84

– Sai is born: SBS Vol 83

– Nico Olivia departs to join a search for the poneglyphs: Chapter 393, Olivia leaves Robin when she was two years old, as mentioned by her uncle


– Killer is born: SBS Vol 68

– Shachi is born: SBS Vol 84

– Kalifa is born: SBS Vol 47

– Wicca is born: Chapter 722, Zoro asks Wicca her age

– Rayleigh falls in love with Shakky: Chapter 498, Shakky addresses Rayleigh as a person of her household. In a future Usopp’s gallery Oda remarks on them being married

– Roger gets his hands on an ancient weapon: Chapter 0, this is mentioned. It’s also mentioned the battle of Edd War took place in this year


– Roger visits Zou: Chapter 830, Pedro mentions Roger visited Zou precisely 26 years ago

– Lola and Chiffon are born: Chapter 887, Pound finally reveals Lola’s birth being 887 years ago

– Shyarly is abandoned by her father: SBS Vol 68, Shyarly is left with a 15-year-old Arlong

– Cavendish is born: SBS Vol 83

– Law is born: SBS Vol 68


– Shyarly foresees the great age of pirates: SBS Vol 68

– Roger arrives at Raftel: Chapter 0, Roger reached Raftel a year before his death

– Perona is born: SBS Vol 82

– Leo is born: SBS Vol 83

– Kaku is born: SBS Vol 47

– Kyros wins his 1000th battle at the Colosseum: Chapter 741, 4 years pass


– April, Roger leaves Rouge pregnant with a child: Chapter 550, Sengoku claims Rouge became pregnant 20 months before Ace’s birth, which was January 1st 1502

– Roger meets one last time with Whitebeard: We know this has to be August, since Teach joined the Whitebeard pirates at the age of 16. Since his birthday is on August 3rd and Whitebeard mentions him being in his crew in that scene, it had to take place in August, likely just before Roger gave himself I to the marines

– Duval is born: We see him in chapter 0 as a newborn. Theoretically, he would be born after Roger’s death in September, as we see his parents claiming the pirate age cursed him, but his birthday contradicts this, being in August. This is technically a mistake, but it could be justified with the fact that we don’t see Duval’s birth, we simply see him at a very young age, so he could be barely a month old

– Bonney is born: SBS Vol 68. Oda specifically comments on how Bonney’s age is only based on her appearance, as she could very well be older or younger thanks to her powers

– Gol D. Roger is executed: Chapter 550, Sengoku claims Roger was executed one year and three months before Ace’s birth, which makes it September 1500

– Bartolomeo is born: SBS Vol 72

– Vinsmoke Reiju is born: SBS Vol 84


– Eustass Kid is born: SBS Vol 68

– Tashigi is born: SBS Vol 20

– Koala is born: SBS Vol 77


– Ace is born: Chapter 550, Sengoku claims Ace is born 1 year and three months after Roger’s death. We know his birthday is on January 1st, so it matches up

– Sabo is born: Sabo is mentioned countless times to be the same age as Ace. SBS Vol 77 further confirms his age

– Hatchan saves Rayleigh: Chapter 506, Rayleigh claims Hatchan saved his life 20 years ago (1522)

– Robin’s flashback at Ohara: Chapter 391, the text box claims it happened 20 years ago (1522)

– Nojiko is born: Chapter 77, Nojiko claims Nami is two years younger than her

– Between February and September: Shiki manages to escape Impel Down: We know this is after February, since Robin was 8 during the tragedy of Ohara and Shiki’s escape took place after it, since Robin was already on the run, but it’s also before Kuina’s birth on September, since we see her being born

– Kuina is born: Chapter 0, we witness Kuina’s birth

– Sugar is born: SBS Vol 75

– Bepo is born: SBS Vol 84


– Vinsmoke Ichiji, Niji, Sanji and Yonji are born: SBS Vol 7, being quadruplets they all share birthdays

– Roronoa Zoro is born: SBS Vol 4

– Crocodile is defeated by Whitebeard: SVS Vol 78, Oda claims Crocodile was somewhere around the age of 25 when he was defeated by Whitebeard


– Charlotte Mascarpone and Joscarpone are born: okay, so we know that the Charlotte decuplets are 18 years old each of them. This means they are born on 1506. The daughters of the Decuplets are numbers 30 through 34 and with Joscarpone being the 29th daughter, it means she was born before then. However, Mascarpone is the 34th son, while the decuplets are 36-40th. This means someone was born in between, this someone being the 35th son Yuen. This means a year before the decuplets were born Yuen had to be born, since it couldn’t have been a female, as there were none between Joscarpone and the female decuplets. That means the year before Mascarpone ad Joscarpone were born, as being both male ad female they are the only possibility for being born. I know this sounds complicated, but it all makes sense once you put it together!

– Stelly is born: Chapter 586, Stelly introduces himself, claiming to be 8 years old

– Kyuin is born: Chapter 755, Kyuin’s age is for some reason included in her text box

– Nami is born: SBS Vol 4

– Kyros wins his 3000th battle: Chapter 742, it’s stated Kyros has been in the Colosseum for nine years


– Charlotte Yuen is born: (look at the explanation above inn 1504)

– Usopp is born: SBS Vol 4

– Scarlet falls in love with Kyros: The text box of chapter 742 indicates this happens one year after Kyros leaves the colosseum

– Monkey D. Luffy is born: SBS Vol 4

– Hancock and her sisters are abducted: Chapter 521, Hancock claims to have been twelve when she was abducted


– Nefertari Vivi is born: SBS Vol 19

– The Charlotte Decuplets are born: SBS Vol 85


– Rob Lucci’s past: Chapter 422, Doberman explains Lucci’s past

– Bellet’s past: Chapter 537, Bellet brings up his past

– Rosinante infiltrates the DQ pirates: Chapter 766, Vergo claims Rosinante infiltrated the DQ pirates fourteen years after his disappearance at eight years of age

– Sabo runs away from home: Chapter 584, Sabo mentions he teamed up with Ace 5 years from then

– Tony Tony Chopper is born: SBS Vol 19

– Charlotte Pudding is born: Given her position in the family, Pudding had to be born in either 1507 or 1508. Yes, Pudding is not legal


– Shirahoshi is born: Chapter 627, Fukaboshi mentions the Reverie happening in two years; Shirahoshi is six at that time. We also see in chapter 621 a newborn Shirahoshi

– Rebecca is born: Chapter 739, the Thunder Soldier tells Rebecca that she’s still sixteen

– Dellinger is born: SBS Vol 75

– Baby 5 and Buffalo join the Donquixote pirates:

– Fisher Tiger returns to Fishman Island: Chapter 621, 16 years ago. Jinbe’s age confirms that it was in the same year from when “16 years is stated” despite a short timeksip, one year before he raided Mariejois

– Amber Lead Disaster, Law’s flashback: Chapter 761, 16 years ago

– Crocodile becoming a hero in Alabasta: Chapter 762, Crocodile is seen on Corazón’s newspaper. Oda later mentions that this was him becoming famous in Alabasta

– The 1508 Reverie takes place: Chapter 621, Otohime mentions this specific Reverie. Didn’t bother to include earlier Reveries since they haven’t been referenced

– Vergo leaves the family for a top-secret mission: Despite the claim that Vergo enlisted the marines 15 years ago, he isn’t present when Law joins the family 16 years ago (and Law never even knew him), with Rosinante as the new Corazón, meaning that he already departed, but hadn’t enlisted yet. Either that, or this is simply a mistake, possibly even from Law himself


– Vergo infiltrates the marines: Chapter 637, Law claims Vergo has been rising the ranks for the past 15 years

– Fisher Tiger raids Mariejois: Chapter 521, Hancock claims the Fisher Tiger incident was four years after her capture

– Fisher Tiger forms the Sun Pirates: Chapter 622, Otohime claims Reveries to happen in 7, 11 and 15 years from then. Also Chapter 622, Koala was taken twelve years ago, three years after the formation

– The Nox Expedition Crew is branded as a band of pirates: SBS Vol 86

– Charlotte Flampé is born: Chapter 891, Flampé is introduced alongside her age


– The sea train is complete: Chapter 354, 10 years after construction began, 12 years ago (1522)

– Bepo falls off Zou: SBS Vol 84

– Michael and Hoicael are born: SBS Vol 39

– 16 year old Nico Robin joins an organization: Chapter 398, a 16 year old Robin joins an organization


– Vivi’s flashback: Chapter 163, 11 years ago (1522)

– Hancock becomes a Shichibukai: Chapter 522, Gloriosa mentions Hancock becoming a Shichibukai eleven years ago (1522)

– Sanji’s flashback: Chapter 832, Reiju claims Sanji escaped 13 years ago. It is brought up again further on in the arc (1524)

– Law’s flashback, Rosinante dies: Chapter 763, Buffalo says it’s been two years. SBS Vol 77, Oda gives Rosinante’s date of death, saying it happens on the same year, 6 months later

– Monet and Sugar join the Donquixote Pirates: SBS Vol 77

– Birth of the Heart Pirates: SBS Vol 84


– Hocker opens up a store: Chapter 12, Boodle mentions the store was opened ten years ago

– Luffy’s flashback: SBS Vol 4, Oda claims the flashback was 10 years ago (which is also indicated in Chapter 1)

– Luffy’s flashback with Ace and Sabo: Chapter 589, it’s mentioned that it all took place 10 years ago, same year that Luffy got his hat.

– Margarita’s shadow is stolen: Chapter 483, Margarita is said to have lost her shadow ten years ago

– The revolutionaries seek for Robin: Chapter 593: Bunny Joe claims the revolutionaries looked for Robin for over 10 years

– Hatchan visits Shakuyaku for the last time: Chapter 498, Shakky mentions it’s been 10 years since Hatchan last visited

– Koala’s flashback, Fisher Tiger loses his life: Chapter 622, 12 years ago (1524)

– Cindry dies: Chapter 448, Cindry fell off the stage ten years ago. Chapter 468, Hogback mentions that his rejection and his deal with Moriah happened shorty before and after

– The 1512 Reverie takes place: mentioned by Otohime, plus we know that the Reverie takes place every four years

– Montblanc Cricket lands on Jaya: Chapter 228, Cricket mentions stopping 10 years ago

– Sabo meets Hack: SBS Vol 80, Oda claims Sabo met Hack shortly after joining

– Zeff enters the Grand Line: Chapter 56, Zeff has returned from the Grand Line in 1513. Since he spent a year there, it must’ve been the year before

– Sugar eats the Hobi Hobi no Mi: SBS Vol 75, Oda mentions Sugar ate the Hobi Hobi no Mi at age 10

– Tonjit gets stuck on stilts: Chapter 305, Tonjit has been stuck for 10 years


– Otohime continues her capmaign: Shirahoshi is aged four

– Jinbe becomes a Shichibukai: We know this happened after Shirahoshi was four, but also before Otohime’s death

– Sanji’s flashback, Zeff eats his leg: Chapter 56, nine years ago

– Piiman, Tamanegi and Ninjin are born: Blue Databook, their ages are revealed

– Kuina’s death: While the specific date is never given, we see a young Zoro and a young Kuina practicing shortly after Luffy’s flashback. Since they didn’t age much from then when she died, it had to have happened around this time, year more, year less


– Doflamingo becomes a Shichibukai: Chapter 697, Law claims this happened 10 years ago

– Doflamingo invades Dressrosa: Mentioned several times across the Dressrosa Arc, such as in Chapter 745

– Otohime’s death: Chapter 625, Shirahoshi is six. Fukaboshi mentions the Reverie in two years, as well as the current one in 10 years

– A bomb is placed in the tamatebako: Chapter 653, Neptune mentions the tamatebako bomb being placed 10 years ago

– Nami’s flashback: Chapter 77, 8 years ago

– Franky’s flashback, Tom’s death: Chapter 355, Tom’s execution is four years after the sea train is completed

– Part of the Nox pirates defect to the Big Mom Pirates: SBS Vol 86, this happened five years before Pedro infiltrated Totto Land for the first time, which was five years ago


– Koala enters the revolutionary army: SBS Vol 80, Koala joined when Sabo was 13

– War on Kuraigana: Chapter 592, Mihawk claims the war ended seven years ago. He said when he landed the smell of blood was still fresh


– Big Mom gives birth to her last child: SBS Vol 85, Oda claims that after 42 years of birthing Big Mom became too old to have children

– 1516 Reverie: We see it take place in chapter 142, Dalton claims Vivi was 10 back then

– Chopper’s flashback: Chapter 141, six years ago (1522)

– Michael and Hoicael begin their life as delinquents: SBS Vol 39

– Enel invades Skypiea: Chapter 279, McKinley mentions Enel destroying Birka and arriving six years ago (1522)

– Momonosuke is born: Chapter 701, Brook asks Luffy not to attack Momonosuke because he is 8 years old

– Yu is born: Blue Databook, Yu is stated to be in first grade, which makes her around six

– (Between 1516 and 1517) Masira and Shoujo join Cricket: Chapter 228, Cricket mentions they arrived four to five years after he started searching


– Hiluluk’s death: Chapter 142, a year has passed

– The Usopp pirates are formed: Chapter 40, Usopp claims this happened 5 years ago

– Iceburg founds Galley-La: Chapter 327, Galley-La was founded five years ago

– CP9 goes undercover in water seven: Chapter 346, Lucci claims they’ve been undercover for five years

– Brook finds Thriller Bark: Chapter 458, Brook claims five years have passed

– Robin enters the Grand Line: Chapter 490, Robin claims to have entered the Grand Line 5 years ago


– Robin joins Baroque Works: Chapter 203, Crocodile states Robin joined four years ago

– Cutty Flam returns to Water 7: Chapter 358, four years have passed


– Ace sets sail from Dawn Island: Chapter 598, Ace and Luffy vow to leave Dawn Island when they each turn seventeen. We see him depart later in the chapter

– Kuro fakes his death: Chapter 37, three years ago (1522)

– Kuro infiltrates Kaya’s residence: Chapter 28 (among many others), Kuro states it’s been 3 years

– A batch of clones is prepared to be ready at Germa: Chapter 840, Yonji claims that the clones being prepared at the moment were first manufactured five years ago. It takes five years for a clone to achieve full growth

– Franky begins to gather 200 million bellys: Chapter 329, a member of the Franky Family mentions they’ve been trying to do it for three years

– Lola arrives at Fishman Island: Chapter 489, one of the risky brothers mentions they arrived at Fishman Island three years ago

– Lola loses her shadow: Chapter 482, Lola mentions she lost her shadow three years ago, so shortly after they left Fishman Island

– Pedro attempts to infiltrate Whole Cake Island: Chapter 846, five years ago


– Cobra is framed in a dance powder scandal: Chapter 161, 2 years ago

– Vivi and Igaram infiltrate Baroque Works: Chapter 198, Crocodile mentions Vivi has been in the organization for two years

– Moriah steals the shadows of some pirates: Chapter 483, the pirates claim it’s been two years

– Coby is abducted by Alvida: Chapter 2, Coby mentions it’s been two years

– Incident on Punk Hazard: Chapter 684, Caesar claims the accident was four years ago


– Kaya’s parents die due to sickness: Chapter 23, Usopp mentions it was a year ago

– Blackbeard raids Drum Island: It’s claimed that it happened some months before the Straw Hats land there, meaning it likely happened around 1521 or early 1522

– Cavendish becomes a supernova and enters the New World: Chapter 704, Cavendish claims he did so three years ago

– Caesar returns to Punk Hazard: Chapter 664, Brownbeard mentions a year had passed since four years ago


– War erupts on Broccoli Island: Chapter 828, The war on Broccoli Island had ensued for over two years

February: Hocker goes to the hospital: Chapter 14, Hocker left for the hospital three months ago

May 5th: Luffy departs from Foosha Village: Chapter 598, Ace and Luffy vow to leave Dawn Island when they each turn seventeen

– Around Day -9: As suggested by the moon phase. It’s an estimation (hence the ~). Oda stated in the datebooks that the moon phases, at least for the beginning of the series, are consistent, up until Skypiea

– Around Day -4: As suggested by the moon phase. It’s an estimation (hence the ~)

– Around Day -2: Chapter 94, The party for Arlong’s defeat lasts two nights, the Straw Hats leave the day after

Baroque Works Saga:

– Around Day -1: As suggested by the moon phase. It’s an estimation (hence the ~). This fits with the rest of the events

– Day 1: Events of Little Garden

– Day 2: Chapter 130, a day has passed since they left Little Garden

– Day 3: Chapter 132, they met Wapol “yesterday”

– Day 8: Chapter 156, five days have passed since leaving Drum

– Day 12: Chapter 157, Zoro claims four days have passed

– 8 PM: Chapter 160, meeting time at 8 PM

– Day 13: Crocodile claims Mission Utopia is tomorrow

– 1 PM: Chapter 167, 17 hours left for the operation (which begins at 7 AM)

– Day 14: See above

– 6 AM: Chapter 168, 1 hour till the operation begins

– 7 AM: See above

– 10 AM: Chapter 180, five hours till the rebels arrive (see below)

– 11 AM: Chapter 180, four hours

– 12 PM: Chapter 180, three hours

– 2:30 PM: Chapter 181, a rebel mentions it’ll take another half hour to arrive at Alubarna

– 3 PM: Chapter 173, Crocodile mentions rebels would arrive in 8 hours from 7 AM

– 4:00 PM: Chapter 193, Crocodile says 4:30 is thirty minutes from then

– 4:05 PM: Chapter 196, “25 minutes left”

– 4:15 PM Khoza is shot: Chapter 198, title of the chapter

– 4:28-4:30: Chapter 205 and onwards, the times can all be seen on the clock. I haven’t bothered to include the specific seconds, since it would be too cluttered

– Day 17: Chapter 213, Luffy has slept for three days

– 12 AM: Chapter 214, Vivi will meet them in 12 hours at 12 PM

– 12 PM: See above


– Day 18: There is no indication of anything big happening between Alabasta and Jaya, it’s implied it all takes place in the same day, take this with a grain of salt

– 10 AM: Chapter 235, it’s mentioned the Knock Up stream takes place at 10 AM, making it the morning after the night

– Day 20: We see the Straw Hats sleeping, a day passes

~June: Around 30 days have passed. While not precise when, around a month has passed

– A few days pass: Chapter 301, the celebration lasts a few days, it’s also mentioned that Nola danced for a few days. The Straw Hats don’t change clothing nor bandages, so it couldn’t have been that long, likely just a couple days

CP9 Saga:

– Day 1: The Straw Hats leave Skypiea with the gold. They fall to the Blue Sea quickly due to a leak in the same day and after getting into trouble with sea monkeys they discuss about the money and are attacked by the same sea monkeys right after. They find Long Ring Long Land immediately after the attack from the sea monkeys

– Day 4: Chapter 322, the Straw Hats stayed at Long Ring Long Land to rest for four more days. They depart and after three days the events of day 8 happen

– Day 8: Chapter 322, seven days have passed since the events at Long Ring Long Land, three since they departed. This is the same day they land on Water 7, as confirmed by Kokoro in Chapter 431

– 10 AM: Chapter 332, Usopp mentions the duel being at 10 PM

– Day 9: A night has passed since the fight

– 10:30 PM: Chapter 360, 30 minutes to the train leaving

– 11:00 PM: Chapter 361, the train leaves in time

– 12 PM: Chapter 335, Aqua Laguna to arrive at nighttime

– Day 10: Chapter 377, it’s still early morning at Enies Lobby

– Day 12: Chapter 431, two days have passed

– Banaro Island Incident: Chapter 440, three days before day 15

– Day 13: A day has passed

– Day 15: Sunny has been completed in three days since the party

Thriller Bark:

– Some days pass: There is no specific time frame between Water 7 and Thriller Bark, but some time has passed. Despite that, it hasn’t been much, as many of the Straw Hats still comment about the new functions of the Sunny, so again, a couple days at most

– Day 1: The events on Thriller Bark

– 12 AM: Chapter 449, Clock is seen several times

– Day 2: We see the Dawn rise after the day on Thriller Bark

– Day 3: Chapter 486, a day has passed

– Day 5: Chapter 489, two days have passed

Paramount War:

– Some days pass: Chapter 490, “several days later”. The Straw Hats have a few adventures, but Sabaody isn’t that far away from Water 7 as described in several occasions

– Strong World: the events take place after Thriller Bark since Brook has joined, but before Sabaody since the Straw Hats are together. The movie isn’t considered canon by Oda as he considered unfair for manga only readers, but it’s considered semi-canon to an extent, as it could’ve perfectly happened within the storyline

~July: Taking into account the several days that have passed, about another month has passed. Again, we don’t know how much, but about 30 days have passed (20 known ones, plus three “some days” instances)

– Day 1: Events at Sabaody

– 04:00 PM: Chapter 501, Duval mentions the auction opened at four and half and an hour has already passed

– Day 2: Chapter 514, We see the sun fall and rise over some panels, so a night passes

– Day 3: Chapter 521, Gloriosa mentions Luffy punched Charloss just two days ago. A day has passed since Luffy landed, since he slept “for a long time” in his cell according to the Kuja

– Day 4: Hancock mentioned departing in the morning

– Day 8: Chapter 521, Gloriosa mentions it takes a marine ship four days to reach Impel Down. She also mentions Ace’s execution is in five days from then (Luffy departs the morning after she says six days) and it fits quite well, since Luffy arrives at Impel Down the day before the execution

– 06:00 AM: Chapter 525, 33 hours till execution. Chapter 533, Momonga mentions the execution will be at 3 PM

– 10:00 AM: Chapter 533, text box

– 01:00 PM: Chapter 536, text box

– 11:00 PM Chapter 537, Inazuma mentions Bentham has been sleeping for ten hours

– Day 9: Midnight has passed

– 00:05 AM: Chapter 538, Clock

– 03:05 AM: Chapter 538, Clock

– 07:10 AM: Chapter 538, Clock

– 08:08 AM: Chapter 538, Clock, 8 hours have passed as well as mentioned by the text box

– 08:40 AM: Chapter 539, Luffy has been eating for half an hour

– 09:00 AM: Chapter 539, Domino mentions Ace will be handed over at 9 AM, no delays accepted

– 09:45 AM: Chapter 541, Clock

– 12:00 PM: Chapter 549, it’s mentioned it’s three hours till the execution schedule

– 01:30 PM: Around an hour and a half passed since the beginning of the war (Sengoku’s speech, right before Whitebeard enters, is at 12 PM)

– ~Day 24: Chapter 582, around two weeks have passed

~August: Chapter 596, it’s brought up that Franky disappeared just under a month ago, which is when the Straw Hats prepare for the timeskip. So after that, August already begins

I’m only going to bother to give a source for the events that happened at a specific point, since all the others are just “this happened in the timeskip/this happened over the past two years”


– Bege plans to assassinate Big Mom: Chapter 869, Bege mentions his plan took over a year to prepare. This means it had to be prepared sometime in 1523

– Bartolomeo becomes a supernova: Chapter 704, Dagama mentions Bartolomeo became a supernova one year ago


– Just further confirmation that this IS 1524: Chapter 801, Doflamingo mentions Roger arrived at Raftel 25 years ago. We know he arrived in 1499 thanks to Chapter 0, so it all lines up. Judge also mentions Sanji left the Baratie a little over two years ago (which would be around a year and three/four months ago), Chapter 839

– Totto Land’s bi-yearly soul gathering takes place: We see it happen when the Straw Hats arrive there, so six months before another had to take place

– Around February, Rayleigh returns to Sabaody: Chapter 598, Luffy mentions Rayleigh left six months ago

– Urouge infiltrates Big Mom’s territory: We know this happened more recently than the others, since Urouge was still recovering from his wounds at the Balloon terminal

– Capone Pez is born: He’s still a newborn and Bege makes mentions of him just recently coming to light, so his birth had to be recent. He’s the youngest named character in the series!

– Day -4: Chapter 807, Wanda mentions Jack arrived 17 days ago

– 6 PM: Chapter 809, on the clock and text box. This obviously goes on for the following days, but I spared you the continuous hours

– Around August: The two years actually started from when Luffy sent out the message, not from when they separated at Sabaody, as Brook mentions in chapter 598 that it’s his two-year anniversary since he started performing. Luffy also mentions that Rayleigh trained him for “a year and a half and then six months passed”, implying his training lasted around 24 months exactly

Punk Hazard:

– Day 1: It’s unknown how long the trip from Sabaody to Fishman Island took given the darkness of the depths, nor how long they spent on Fishman Island partying till they left. However, the text box in chapter 654 implies their journey leaving Fishman Island happens right after they leave and we see them go all the way to the surface where they emerge in the waters of Punk Hazard (the sea is visibly and mentioned on fire). All the events of Punk Hazard take place

– Jack wipes out the Minks on Zou: Chapter 810, the gas was released on the fifth day of the battle. Also confirmed later in Chapter 811


– Day 2: Chapter 699, a single night passes. All of Dressrosa takes place over one goddamn long afternoon

– 3 PM: The time of the exchange, mentioned several times, such as in chapter 711

– Day 3: Chapter 795, text box mentions it being the following day. Also referenced later in chapter 807. It’s also mentioned in Chapter 811 that it’s almost been 48 hours since the gas was released

– Day 5: Chapter 796, text box mentions it’s been three days after the battle against Doflamingo


– Day 6: In Chapter 807 Robin mentions the day at Dressrosa was eleven days ago. Since this takes place a week before the Straw Hats land on Zou, it means a day has passed since the fleet was formed

– Day 11: Sanji is abducted: Chapter 811, Brook mentions it happened just two days ago (from Day 13)

– Day 13: Chapter 802, a week has passed. Also see above, eleven days since the battle of Dressrosa

– 06:00 PM: Chapter 809, Inuarashi falls asleep and Wanda explains

– Day 14: The night passes throughout the arc. In Chapter 824 it’s mentioned this is the very same day they leave Zou and Luffy and the group are starving after making a culinary mess

– Some days pass: Chapter 824, Nami mentions Luffy wasted a week’s worth of supplies. So they couldn’t have starved for that long, given that their journey to Totto Land was intended to be under a week. The same chapter mentions “a few days later”, while the following says “a few more days later”, that’s when they meet the Vinsmokes

Whole Cake Island:

– Day One: Meeting Reiju, arrival at Cacao Island

– Day Two: Chapter 830, the night passes

– Day Three: Another night passes

– 02:00 PM: Chapter 845, Clock. It was day right before the storm hit, so this is PM, not AM

– Day Four: Yet another night passes. In the morning Luffy and Sanji make up

– 05:00 AM: Chapter 857, Jinbe mentions the tea party being at ten in the morning, five hours from then

– 05:45 AM: Chapter 858, text box

– 06:30 AM: Chapter 858, text box and clock

– 06:40 AM: Chapter 858, text box

– 07:30 AM: Chapter 859, Sanji states it plus clock

– 09:00 AM: Chapter 859, it’s mentioned the tea party starts in an hour

– 09:41 AM: Chapter 860, clock

– 10:00 PM: Chapter 857, mentioned several times, such as in Chapter 857

– 12:00 PM: The clock on Streusen mentions this time, but it’s been pointed out that it does so too on the day before, meaning it might be broken. The anime also uses this time, so it’s a bit hard to call it official, but it does line up perfectly with the rest of the information, so I left it there mostly for clarity

– Around 2 PM: Chapter 880, it’s mentioned that Pudding requested preparations for the cake at Cacao Island and that those preparations were taken around an hour ago from 3 PM. It isn’t exactly specified if she contacted them an hour ago or it was an hour ago they got the things done on Cacao, but give or take around that time

– 3 PM: Chapter 880, Clock

– 3:40 PM: Katakuri mentions the merienda is 40 minutes late, while the chefs mention it was intended at 3 PM

– 4 PM: Chapter 884, text box and clock

– 5:40 PM: Chapter 885, Clock. It’s slightly bent, but it does indicate 5:40

– 5:55 PM: Chapter 885, Sanji mentions 6 PM is in five minutes

– Around 6 PM: The cake leaves the factory right after

– 9 PM: Chapter 889, text box and clock

– 9:30 PM: Chapter 891, text box and clock

– Slightly before 10 PM: Chapter 892, Nami mentions 1 AM is a little over three hours away

– 9:50 PM: Chapter 892, Clock

– 10:10 PM: Chapter 894, text box and clock

– 10:50 PM: Chapter 894, text box and clock

– 11:08 PM: Chapter 894, text box and clock

– 11:36 PM: Chapter 894, text box and clock

– 12:05 AM: Chapter 894, text box and clock

– 12:28 AM: Chapter 896, text box and clock

– 12:29 AM: Chapter 896, Clock, a minute has passed

– 12:37 AM: Chapter 896, text box and clock

– 12:39 AM: Chapter 896, Clock

– 12:40 AM: Chapter 896, text box and clock

– 12:43 AM: Chapter 896, text box and clock

– 12:45 AM: Chapter 896, text box and clock

– 12:47 AM: Chapter 896, text box and clock

– 12:50 AM: Chapter 896, text box

– 12:55 AM: Chapter 86, text box and clock, plus mention by Oven

– 12:56 AM: Chapter 897, text box and clock

– 12:59 AM: Chapter 897, Clock

– 05:20 AM: Chapter 902, Clock

– Day five: We see Midnight pass at the mentions of 12:05 AM and in this early morning the Straw Hats escape Totto Land, leaving for good at around five in the morning. In chapter 903 we see that Chopper hasn’t stopped tending to Luffy’s wounds as he’s the only one not to have changed clothing and Luffy is still in his bandages and his bed without having moved an inch, so it’s supposedly later in the same day. It’s also Nami’s first mention of Zeus, so she would’ve likely mentioned it before had more than a day passed. News are often produced at incredible speeds, so it’s not absurd that Morgans delivered the news by the following day in a special issue

– Reverie in two days: Chapter 902, given Ivankov and Sabo’s reactions, this is the same day. Reverie to take place in two days according to text box

And that’s all! Jesus, I really need some sleep now




  1. OMG no comments in this thread? is the best what i ever seen (sry if my english is bad) really what fanaticism, i think i was the #1 fan but obviusly thats you, grate job again

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    I Reaaaally love your work. This is fcking amazing. Congratulations


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