Whole Cake Chateau – A detailed Cross-Section

One of the things that fascinates me the most about Oda’s worldbuilding is his incredible sense of geographical space. The way that he can build a country, city or building and keep it so incredibly consistent is incredibly astounding. The Whole Cake Chateau is a perfect example of that, as the level of detail in how Oda cleverly structured it is just impressive. I’ve been waiting a long time to do this one, so now that the anime has caught up I’m finally getting the opportunity!





  1. how do you get paid on this site? i mean, there’s just minimal ads…so i’m thinking whether you are using your own money for maintaining this site


  2. since you mention the flaw of sunny’s detroyed image in this secret, i too feel disappointed and being reminded about the past arc that i think is have some error too, loguetown and enel’s lightning power. but overall one piece is still the best. and i hope oda didn’t chose some absurd option to bring a solution again


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