At the end of Episode of Sabo there was supposed to be a “special announcement”.

I kind of expected what it would be, but I was mindblown nontheless. Anyways, here go my thoughts about the new movie.

Now keep in mind no more info has been given. The One Piece movies are of three types

  • 1. Done mostly by the Anime team, with small influence by Oda
  • 2. Oda has most influence in it, like One Piece Z
  • 3. Oda controls the entire movie and writes the script, making it as good as canon, like Strong World

I think most probably it will be like 2., because Oda said it was torturing trying to do a movie and the main series at the same time. I really hope it’s not 1 though…

I would love to have one like 3 but I see it as very unlikely.

Regardless the movie is coming out on Summer 2016 in japan, which means the west will see it on Winter 2016 or even 2017 if it goes too far. It’s a long road there, so if you were planning a trip to japan you might know when to go!



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